Self-Assessment Information

About the Process

The NIQCA has developed “best practice” standards to help local CAAs assess management strengths and identify opportunities for improvements. Local CAAs use the standards and tools developed by the NIQCA to routinely conduct Quality Community Action System (QCAS) self-assessments, which are complemented by NIQCA Peer Review site visits.

Information generated through the self-assessment process is used by agency leaders to develop action plans designed to strengthen areas of management practice identified as needs during the review process.

  • Purpose. The self-assessment is intended to help participating organizations develop a picture of organizational quality, recognize best practices, and identify possible opportunities for improvement.
  • Content areas. The self-assessment instrument is divided into the following six content areas: Governance, Operational Management and Organizational Structure, Planning and Community Investment, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Finance and Budget.
  • Participants in the process. The participating organization determines who participates in the self-assessment process. Organizing a cross-functional team with representatives drawn from all levels of the organization has been shown to produce the best results.
  • Action plan for improvement. Based on needs and deficiencies identified through the self-assessment process, the agency identifies priorities for improvement and develops an action plan to strengthen management policies and practices.
  • Continued quality improvement. Agencies should re-assess policies and practices every 2 to 3 years to ensure compliance with best practice management standards.

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Assistance and Support

Contact the NIQCA Executive Director for self-assessment orientation and planning assistance.

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All information provided to NIQCA staff and Peer Reviewers during the course of a self-assessment will be treated as strictly confidential and, unless authorized by the agency, will be returned upon completion of the agency assessment. The Peer Review Feedback Scoring Report will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be circulated to any third-party source unless mandated by law, regulation, or court order.

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